Time Trials

You’ve decided to lace up the shoes and after a couple of weeks you realise that this running thing is not much fun on your own …… so what do you do? Joining a running club and then actually going down to the club and joining them for a run can be very daunting. Well – the good news is that it need not be, we’ve all been there at one stage so we know EXACTLY what it’s like to join a club and come running for the first time. We here at Fourways are a relaxed bunch that enjoy our running and socializing at the gazebo afterwards.

The time trial in itself is not a race. It’s a way of assessing how comfortably you can run over a fixed distance and a strategy to improve your actual race times. It is based on the idea of relative comfort – once you can run comfortably over the chosen distance, then the next step is to up your pace and run at that pace until the same level of comfort is achieved. No one is concerned where you finish relative to other runners – in fact they are only really concerned with their own times and how they compared to the previous week. Runners are coming in at different times for different distances so you cannot compare to where you finish anyway.

We host time trials every Thursday evening at 18h15, starting from the Gazebo in Coral Tree Crescent, Fourways Gardens, Phase 2. The 3 distances to choose from are a 4km, 5km and 8km route. Laminated maps of the routes are available at the start point. We also provide reflective vests – please make use of them – if you add them to the pile when complete they will be washed and returned ready for the next week by the volunteers taking the times.

As an incentive for improvement we award a time trialist of the Month for the 5km and 8 km routes. This will be done using a points system. Points are awarded for attending the Time Trial, for marked improvement on average time, for running a PB, as well as for hosting a Time Trial. Points are accumulated throughout the year and will determine the Time Trialist of the Year, to be awarded at the Year End Function. Essentially this means that anyone can win the awards and it not restricted to the “fastest runners”!!

So come down and join us – you can run in a safe environment, meet other runners, find training partners if you want – and who knows you may even win a nice prize for doing something you enjoy while getting fit.


5km Male Proud Chauke 16:39 13 February 2020
5km Female Mel Jennett 19:49 26 January 2012
8km Male Jabulani Nkosi 26:35 19 October 2010
8km Female Mel Jennet 31:52 16 March 2006