Quality Sessions On Tuesday evenings at 18H30, there is a quality session from the club house, incorporating various different training techniques for hills, speedwork and fitness. The Objective is to take runners of all abilities and help them run faster, more efficiently and become less prone to injury.

As we are only able to do this once a week for one hour, it is important to attend every week for best results. Remember to bring your towel and water bottle – you will need it.

What we do to achieve this objective:

  1. Run on undulating gradients, in order to use more than just quad’s, which gives a cross training effect enabling better balance, posture and strength……this will enable you to run hills stronger.
  2. To run at varying intensity and various intervals to expand the cardio-vascular capillary system enabling the runner to deliver and use, more oxygen than the previous weeks training….commonly known as getting fitter.
  3. Engage in dynamic and static core strength exercises during rest periods to improve core balance and strength, by using the Lyno method, http://www.lynosport.co.za, see explanation below…..help you to be less prone to injury.
  4. Involve group participation by introducing runners to each other and promoting interaction and learning…..this should help the training time pass quicker and should leave you with the feel good emotion.

4 Sample Workouts that we will be using to achieve the OBJECTIVE:

Start – 10 minutes – Dynamic Warm up – drills including, but not only;

Jogging on the spot with knees up or doing the same uphill

Jogging on the spot with heels kicking your butt or doing the same uphill

Stationary star jumps

Skipping involving jumping on 2 feet from side to side

Skipping sideways on one side and then the next

Legs apart and touching each toe with the opposite hand

Legs together just touching toes.

Workout (One of the Four) – 40 minutes:

  1. Interval Training (When we get fitter we use the same routine as above but just half the jogging time.) Simply and commonly known as “fart-leg” – what we do is, depending on fitness we use one of the following intervals; 1 minute running as fast as you can, 1 Minute jogging overall a distance of 5km and we use the 5km time trial running route Or 2 minute running as fast as you can, 2 minutes jogging using the same route
  2. Strength Training Using hill work, we run different distances and at different speeds up a hill to build strength from the pelvis and glutes. Once our lungs get to popping stage we settle down with the core strength component, including; Flat bridge Lateral bridge Glute and hamstring strength exercise Hip flexor and pelvic core exercises – see the picture below Hopping on one leg Pillar marching, like skipping with knees coming up into chest Lunging backwards and obliquely backwards Titanic pose with one leg lifted out horizontally Quad test strength test Upper body strength exercises
  3. Speed Training Using flat work, we run different distances and different speeds to build speed. Once our lungs get to popping stage we settle down with the core strength component, including; Glute and hamstring strength exercise Upper body strength exercises 4. Strength and Speed Combined Suffice to say this is a bit of both of the above workouts.

Stretching: – 10 minutes

Saturday Club Runs

Every Saturday morning starting at 06:00am from the Time Trial start. (Unless otherwise advertised)Club runs cater for all paces. We have 3 groups – 5min ,6min and 7min per km. Distances vary week to week, check Facebook for details.

If you do not have access, or are running late, just meet us at the security gate.