On Tuesday evening at 17h45, there is a Quality session, starting from the Club House and incorporating various training techniques focusing on hills, speed work, and overall fitness. The objective of our Quality sessions is to take runners of all ability, and help them run faster and more efficiently, while decreasing the chances of injury. As we only host Quality once a week, for about an hour, we encourage members to attend every week for the best results. And remember to bring your towel and water bottle – you will need it!

What sort of activities can you expect in a Quality session?

  1. Running on undulating gradients, in order to use more than just your quads, giving a cross training effect that improves your balance, posture, and strength, enabling you to run stronger on hills.
  2. Running at varying intensity and intervals to expand the cardio-vascular capillary system in order to improve the runner’s ability to deliver and use more oxygen (which is commonly known as just getting fitter).
  3. Engage in dynamic and static core strength exercises to improve balance and strength.
  4. Involve group participation by promoting the interaction of our runners and their earning – because you know what they say, misery loves company!

Saturday Club Runs

Every Saturday morning, we try to set up a Club Run that caters for runners of all paces. We have 3 informal groups – 5 min/km ,6 min/km and 7 min/km. Distances vary from week-to-week, so get in touch for more details!