Coach Parry is the official Om Die Dam Coach


The 2020 Om Die Dam will be the 30th edition of this awe-inspiring race, and it promises to be even more awesome than ever before. One reason for this is that we are very excited to announce that Coach Parry is joining the Om Die Dam family as our official coach!

“Having run the race myself six times, I know what it takes to get ready for an Ultra and Half Marathon like Om Die Dam,” says Coach Parry, who has designed 16-week training programmes that you can follow to get you ready for race day. “I have designed the programmes not only to help you to achieve your running goals, but to make sure you are prepared and conditioned for the course that awaits you.”

The most amazing news is that the cost of a training programme works out to a mere R43 a week! Where else can you get value for money like this? Nowhere! But first, you need to make sure you have entered the race, so click the link below and enter today!

Get Your Training Programme Here

Whatever your race goals, our training programmes with Coach Parry will have you covered in both the Ultra and the Half Marathon. “I have run both courses, so I have a good understanding of what you need to do to if you want to run a sub-four on the Ultra, for instance, or a sub-two on the half marathon,” says Coach Parry, adding, “Om Die Dam is an ideal training opportunity for the Comrades Marathon, and I have applied this thought process to the programmes as well.”

The total cost of the programme is R697, which offers you a 20% discount on the normal cost of a 16-week programme. It is all run through the Coach Parry app on your phone, so you will literally have everything you need to hit your goal, right in your pocket! So, don’t miss this opportunity to get coaching from one of the leading running coaches in the country. Click on the buttons below to get your programme now!