About FRRA

Fourways Gardens Road http://jobitel.com/ Runners Association (FRRA) is a sports club affiliated to National and Provincial Athletic bodies in South Africa. The primary aims of the Club are to promote the sport of road running and walking, and provide organization jobs hiring near me and suitable facilities of long tenure, to foster growth of the sport.


The relationship between Fourways Gardens Home Owners bstcitas.es Association, Fourways Gardens Club and FGRRA is one of long standing and dates back to 1996 when FGRRA first https://xjobs.org/ obtained permission to run in the Estate. bstrencontre.fr

A Record of Understanding governing the co-operation and conditions under which all three Parties participate has been established and is renewed periodically. All members and guests are required to adhere to a code of conduct.


The club hosts its official time trial every Thursday evening starting at 18h15 from the Gazebo. The two official distances are 8km and 5km.


On Tuesday evenings at 18h15, there is a quality session from the club house, incorporating various different training techniques for hills, speed work and fitness.


Club runs take place every Saturday morning commencing at 06h00 from the Gazebo. The distance is between 10 and 15km, however this distance may vary as well as the routes.


A number of social events are planned for each year, these include amongst others, a New Members Evening, Valentines Evening, a Quiz Evening, post Two Oceans and Comrades Dinners and an End of Year Awards Dinner.


There are various categories of membership to cater for single members, families and https://xjobs.org/ juniors. Memberships are renewed annually from the first of January each year.